What We Offer

Dr. Milham is an experienced and skilled clinician. Through years of practice, she has gained a keen awareness of the interconnectedness of communication skills with overall success and happiness. As a result, she embraces a holistic approach to treatment. Dr. Milham believes in a collaborative approach, working actively with family members, care providers and educators..

Services provided include, but are not limited to:

Treatment of...

Articulation Disorder.
Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Expressive Language Impairment.
Receptive Language Impairment.
Phonological Processing Disorders.
Pragmatic Language/Social Communication Difficulties.

Speech Coaching for...

Accent Reduction.
Public Speaking.
Persuasive Speaking.
Voice Therapy.

Educational Enhancement

Classroom Participation Skills.
Listening Skills.
Note Taking Skills.
Writing Development.
Homework Assistance.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Services available for all ages, from early childhood to adults.
Dr. Milham has extensive experience working with pre-teens and teenagers who struggle in social and educational environments. Tele-conference-therapy available. Home-based sessions offered on a limited basis.